What is Frontend?

It is the part of a website that interacts with users, that’s why we say it’s client-side. Backend is the part that connects with the database and the server that the website uses, that’s why we say that the backend runs on the server side. These two concepts broadly explain how a website or web application works and are essential for anyone who works in the digital world.

We could also say that it is the part of a program or device that a user can access directly. They are all the web design and development technologies that run in the browser and that are responsible for interactivity with users.

Frontend developers are those who create the visual components of a website. They format the images, animation and interactivity of a website.
Front-end development is the process of making a website work and look good in a browser. This is usually done by designers and developers, sometimes with input from marketing staff. Front-end developers can code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to integrate client-side design with an app, or they can work with frameworks like AngularJS.

Back-end development is the process of managing data storage and accessing data from a database to display it on a web page so users can consume it on any device.

Back-end developers often need to be strong in skills like Java, C++, Ruby on Rails, PHP, or Python, while front-end developers may need to know some of these languages. However, they often use tools or frameworks like Bootstrap or Tailwind, which allow them to create their web interfaces quickly and easily.